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Ronald M. Kleiman

Ronald M. Kleiman

Chairman BenefitVision [email protected] (800) 810-2200

Ronald M. Kleiman is Chairman of BenefitVision, Inc., a firm specializing in the communication and enrollment of employee benefits for major employers nationwide.

Before forming BenefitVision in 1994, Ron was President of Employee Benefit Services, the firm that pioneered the concept of using laptop computer presentations to bring about effective benefit communication. Ron developed the concept of using call centers for benefits enrollment and then call centers coordinated with online enrollment systems. BenefitVision’s goal has always been to help employee understand and appreciate their employee benefits.

Ron’s background in communication has included 15 years working for major benefit consulting firms, including his position as Chairman of the National Communication Practice Group for Mercer.  Ron was Manager of Communication at General Electric’s Corporate Headquarters, was in employee communication at Ford, and had been a TV reporter for the ABC affiliate in Dallas.  His degree is in Journalism from Southern Methodist University.

BenefitVision’s headquarters is in Long Grove, Ill. BenefitVision joined U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group, the benefits division of U.S. Retirement & Benefits Partners, in September 2017.