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Dr. Kristin L. Kahle

Dr. Kristin L. Kahle

Chief Executive Officer NavigateHCR [email protected] (855) 742-7427

Dr. Kristin Kahle is the CEO and Founder of NavigateHCR (NHCR), a full-service ACA and compliance technology agency.  She is also a Managing Partner of U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group (USEBSG), which acquired NHCR in December 2018.  Her team of HR and compliance specialists is responsible for assisting brokers and employers with the most complex requirements of the law.

Dr. Kahle, a Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist, represents NHCR in industry related seminars and summits to ensure her company is updated on the most intricate details of the ACA and industry trends.  Dr. K has a significant amount of experience and knowledge on all things compliance and  reporting as she was a broker for over twenty years and was the first Doctor to write on ACA/Employer Compliance Complexities.

In 2014 and 2015 she was awarded the Most Influential Woman in Benefits by Employee Benefit Advisor.  Dr. K also has experience as a Third-Party Administrator, as she previously owned one.

Passionate about her clients, Dr. K started a non-profit, HEEL, Help for Employers and Employees Under ACA Legislation, for which she serves as a lobbyist on the Hill.  Dr. Kahle holds a DBA from Argosy University, an MBA from University of Phoenix, and a BA from Pine Manor College.  Prior to graduation from Pine Manor College, she was well-known for being the only female athlete at PMC to obtain a double-double!