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USRBP and our Partner Firms use Mimecast secure messages to protect information being sent across the Internet. Messages containing confidential or personally identifiable information (PII) ae secured using the highest-grade commercial encryption technology to protect against information disclosure.

If you receive a secure message from a member of our team, you are welcome to contact them at the phone number you have on file or their known email address to verify that they sent the message. You can also send any security concerns or questions about a secure email to [email protected]

To access the Secure Messaging Portal:
1. Click the link in the notification message. Your email will show you the contents of the link when you hover over it with your pointer.
2. Enter Your Email Address and click on the Next button. This should match the email address that they message was sent to originally.
3. Enter your Secure Messaging Portal Password. The first time you receive a secure message from us you will need to register for a Secure Messaging Portal account. You will need to create a password to receive messages. Don’t worry, if you forget your password there is a “Forgot Password” link on the login page.