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Tyson King

Tyson King

Founder Inspire Financial Group [email protected] (866) 323-9152

Tyson King founded Inspire Financial Group, Inc. (IFG) in 1997. Based in Richardson, TX, IFG provides retirement plan enrollment, financial planning, and financial services focused in the K-12 public school segment of the 403(b) market. IFG joined U.S. Retirement Partners in 2010.

Mr. King started IFG as a way to help his parents with their own retirement planning goals. They were his first clients in his chosen field. As he learned the power of financial planning, he discovered that his mission is to change the world one family’s dream at a time. He has directly helped more than 1,000 families, and indirectly helped more than 10,000 families through the numerous Advisors he has trained and inspired.

Mr. King is a graduate of The University of Texas, where he served as the captain of the football team. He and his wife, Jacquelyn, live in McKinney, TX, with their four daughters.