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Michael Yacht

Michael Yacht

Chief Technology Officer BenefitVision [email protected] (800) 810-2200

After joining BenefitVision in 2005, Mike Yacht first became Vice President of Information Technology in 2009 before becoming Chief Technology Officer in 2012. The role of CTO was not new to him, having held the same position previously at Ideal Conditions, Inc.—a leader in multimedia-based training for corporations, with a focus on the Fortune 1000.

As the author of the core component of BenefitVision’s ACES enrollment platform, Mike helped BenefitVision by normalizing database architecture and functions, streamlining interface development, and standardizing data management practices. This greatly reduced development time. From this new springboard of standard data management, Mike then oversaw the development of multiple custom interfaces depending on the specific business needs.

Under Mike’s leadership, the IT department grew from less than a dozen members to over thirty full-time employees.

Mike is a prominent feature in both BenefitVision’s sales and client management presence, where his ability to convey complex technical ideas without intimidating the lay-user, allows him to assist our prospects and clients in understanding the many benefits of our flexible, dynamic enrollment platform.